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History of Jackson County, Michigan ... History of Michigan

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History of Jackson County, Michigan ... History of Michigan

History of Jackson County, Michigan ... History of Michigan

Fonte : Internet Archive

History of Jackson County, Michigan ... History of Michigan

History of Jackson County, Michigan ... History of Michigan

Fonte : Internet Archive

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Pagina 533

village, and soon after the Brooklyn Lodge disbanded, most of its members uniting with the organization at Jackson. The charter

Pagina 533

organization under the title of Jackson Lodge, No. 17. Meanwhile those who had been unexpectedly disconnected with the order by

Pagina 534

until January, 1852, that and Jackson Lodge were the only sources of Masonic light in the county, except the short

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Pagina 542

by the Grand Sire, and Jackson Lodge, No. 4, was instituted Aug. 17, 1844, by District Deputy Grand Sire S.

Pagina 542

G. Adrian Terry, of Wayne Lodge, No. 2, P. G. Benj. F. Hall, of Michigan Lodge, No. 1, P.

Pagina 543

Worthy Grand Patriarch James Winder. Martha Lodge, No. 2, Daughters of Rebekah, is one of the oldest of the branch

Pagina 543

of the new departure of Jackson Lodge, No. 4, in obtaining a building of their own, it became apparent, both

Pagina 544

city by one lodge named Rowena Lodge, No. 29, instituted Feb. 7, 1876, by Hon. Chas. D. Little as Grand

Pagina 544

Representative Robert Mc Kinstry, for Jackson Lodge, No. 4, and District Deputy Grand Master and Representative S. E. Rogers, for

Pagina 545

was introduced here in 1865. Jackson Lodge, No. 278, was organized Dec. 18, 1865, with the following officers: S. W.

Pagina 546

Hope Lodge (colored) was organized July 7, 1866, and formed the first colored lodge of

Pagina 546

Victor Lodge, No. 734, is the most recent addition to Good. Tem-plarism in the city.

Pagina 547

lodges. The officers of the Jackson Lodge inelude, C. H. Palmer, P. D., J. Lewis, D., J. M. Myers, Y.

Pagina 548

com/prises at present three lodges,-the Jackson Lodge, N*o. 72, the Twilight Lodge and the Schiller Lodge. The former is governed

Pagina 616

the I. O. O. F., Chelsea Lodge. His father, William H. Catheart, died about three years ago in Toronto, where

Pagina 637

He is a member of Jackson Lodge, No. 940, Knights of Honor, and holds the office of Dictator.

Pagina 666

A. F. & A. M, Jackson Lodge, 17. He married Miss Delia, daughter of William Langdon, an early settler in

Pagina 679

is Past Master of the Jackson Masonic Lodge, E"o. 50, is Past High Priest of the chapter, and was first

Pagina 688

the I. O. O. F., Jackson Lodge, No. 4, Wiley Encampment, No. 5, and also of Chosen Friends, Council No.

Pagina 694

member of the Masonic order, Adrian Lodge, No. 19.

Pagina 753

Horn is a member of Jackson Lodge, No. 17.

Pagina 818

Church, of Brooklyn, and of Brooklyn Masonic Lodge, No. 169.