Could use some help finding info please for miller

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hi all i could use some help i cant ask anyone for any info..
what i know

my dad Brian arthur miller born in victoria 1030 to 1940
my dad died some time between in the 90s 95 96 i think ...
his dad as far as i know arthur edward miller thats all i know i dont know if they came here or was born here
his mum Daisy miller married the dad in 1937 her orgina name daisy magen thats all i know

my mum i know 0 info about family
my mum Rosemary connors was miller died 16th oct 1995
both my mum and dad are dead so i cant ask either

thank you if you can help at all...

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If your family members were born or died in BC you may wish to begin your search in the Royal BC museum records.

or try to find your dad's obit in one of the local papers or memorial sites.

If this is an option - Try finding out more info from family friends, relatives.

Keep in mind that the Miller name may have changed from Mueller to Miller at some point in your family's history.

Royal BC Museum

British Columbia Genealogical Society

The Mormans collect family records so check out this site.

Good luck!


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