Help with decyphering old(latin) text, in search of Vervaecke ancestors

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I have traced down my Belgian ancestors to Joannes Vervaecke /favarcque/ Vervaeck to the 1640-1700 timeframe. And from Joannes the only pointer i have is a marriage with Anna Wagebaert. Another is this document(in attachment) i found, but i cannot decypher it. This is a partial streenshot of the whole document. More can be provided if needed. Can anyone help with this and provide me the translated text? I hope to find out who Joannes parents are. Otherwise all traces run dead.
2019-07-09 13_24_08-Parochieregisters Provincie West-Vlaanderen. Arrondissement Kortrijk (digitaal).png

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I would suggest you post on the French side:

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