My Uncle James Fitzpatrick 28 Jan 1909

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I am trying to find a death and burial record of my Uncle James Fitzpatrick. He was the first born son of John Fitzpatrick and Albertine Flannigan - Fitzpatrick.

James Fitzpatrick was born on 28 Jan 1909 in Lord's Cove, Newfoundland Canada and he was baptized on 14 May 1909.

He is my mother Rosanna (Rose) Fitzpatrick - Ferrie - Blagdon's brother. He is believed to have been about 16 years old when he died but I can not find him in the 1921 census when he was 12/13 years of age. I was told by my mother and others that his death was the result of a beating by his father. I feel the need to find his death date and burial so as to have him remembered.

If you can help me figure out how to find the information I would be very appreciative.

Thank you
Shawn Ferrie

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