Anna Catersel, born or lived in Spain?

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Hallo all,
Sorry but i'm not speaking Spanish.
One of my ancesters, Anna Catersel, lived in Belgium (city of Mechelen) and died in Brussels, 15 october 1743 (see attachment).
Her dead register showed that she was born (or has lived) in Spain ("Hispana").
Her husband Joannis Loir was a military. They had children born in 1703, 1706 and 1707. So i guess Anna was born around 1675?
Perhaps a needle in a haystack, but can someone give me a hint were i could find more genealogic Spanish information?
Or perhaps someone is aware of the existance of the family Catersel in Spain...

Possible writings of her name (found in Belgium)
Katersel, Kattersel, Catersel, Caterzel, Catarzel
Catterzel, Catterzeel, Caterzeel
Catorzel, Capurzel, Caperzel
Cartazel, Catezel
Catterselle, Cattercelle, Caterselles
Quattercel, Quatercel, Quatercelle, Quaterchel, Quaterser, Quatersel, Quatreseel, Quaterzel, Quatresel, Quaterchel

Lieven Cattersel, Belgium
overlijden anne catersel weduwe loir brussel SintJAnshospitaal.png

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