Scilley/Silly Immigrated from Ireland to Canada

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Looking for Scilley/Silly family:
Michael Henry Silly, born 1827 in Ireland. Name changed to Scilley when immigrated to Ontario, Canada. Died in Canada in 1868.
Michael Henry Silly married Elizabeth (Lizzie) Forrest, also born in Ireland in 1832. They married in Londonarie Co, Ontario, Canada in 1851. Elizabeth died in Canada in 1927. Trying to find where in Ireland each of them was born and who their parents were.

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Full birth dates, and names of children would help.

No idea if this is the right one

Ireland, Catholic Parish Registers, 1655-1915
Eliza Forest
Event Type: Baptism
Birth Date: 9 Feb 1832
Baptism Place: Killeagh, Cork, Ireland
Parish Variants: Ardagh, Ardagh and Dangan, Dangan, Killeigh
Diocese: Cloyne
Father: William Forest
Mother: Eliza Walsh

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You may be a beginner and may not be aware that the idea when you ask for help is to give as much info as you have.

"Little" details are useful:

*** full dates [if available of course] are a must.

*** children are often named after their gd parents

*** religion:
you must have noticed that the Canadian census asks for "religion",
so I found out in the 1861 Census that Michael & Elizabeth are "Church of England".

that means:
I looked in vain in the "Catholic Parish Registers", and this Eliza Forest from Cork is the wrong one.

*** immigration dates:
that will help to know when to stop looking for them in Ireland.

So, let's start again on the right foot. ;)


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