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Completed family tree for my line Folmar.Have all info going back to Simplicius Volmar 1530-1572
Looking to make contac with relatives.
Eberhard Ludwig Vollmer -imigrated 04-14 1752 to the United States-South Carolina
Son-Johann Jacob B-01-31-1744(name changed to Jacob Fulmer Sr fought in the american revol
Jacob Fulmer Jr (son of Jacob Sr also Fought in american revo)
John Nicholas Folmar son Of Jacob Jr moved to Alabama in 1820 changed name spelling from Fulmer to folmar which is how we still spell it today.
Just looking for a family connection

Abgeschlossener Stammbaum für meine Linie Folmar.Have alles Info, das zurück zu Simplicius Volmar 1530-1572 schaut, um contac mit Verwandten zu bilden geht. Eberhard Ludwig Vollmer - imigrated 04-14 1752 zum vereinigten Zustand-Süden Carolina Sohn-Johann Jacob B-01-31-1744(name, das Jacob Fulmer zum Sr geändert wurde, das im amerikanischen revol Jacob Fulmer Jr gekämpft wurde (der Sohn von Jacob Sr auch gekämpft im amerikanischen revo) John Nicholas Folmar Sohn von Jacob Jr verschoben nach Alabama in 1820 geänderter Namensrechtschreibung von Fulmer zu folmar, das ist, wie wir es noch heute buchstabieren. Nach einem Familie Anschluß gerade suchen

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My maternal great-grandmother was Mary Elizabeth FULMER Carroll.  Her parents are noted as James Fulmer (South Carolina) and Rachael Grey(Gray) wheventually moved to Alabama.  It is my understanding that Daniel Fulmer is James's father with Sophia Carmichael his mother.  I believe Daniel is the next layer in your Family Tree.
During your research have you found information combining Daniel and James???  I can't seem to put it together.  Let's chat...just got on Genearnet.
Cheryl Manzo

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Researching My mothers side (Fulmer) settled in Columbia, SC and White Rock, SC, area. So.e members buried in Capers Cemetery. I remember my GreatGrandmother (Lula Haltiwanger Fulmer) and her husband (Zebadee Fulmer). Some Uncles Carl, Bud, JC, Aun.t Margaret all are Fulmers and cousins Larry, Wendell


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