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Parents of Hans Mevensen?

Inviato: 02 aprile 2016, 15:02
da bvanherck


Who knows how to find the parents of Hans Mevensen, born about 1814 in Storsvee, Oppland, Norway?

Greetings from Brigitte from Belgium.

ReĀ : Parents of Hans Mevensen?

Inviato: 23 novembre 2016, 15:32
da reidars
it would be quite difficult to find any information based upon the information given. Storsve is a place today in the Etnedal commune in the county of Oppland.
However, Etnedal was first establishet around 1894. Before that it could have been Bruflat Sokn but that is just a Guess. You can however try to look for this person in the Church book for this parish:

I see that you name this person Hans Mevensen which is a unusual name in Norway. Possibly his name was Hans (first) M (middel) Evensen (last from "son of Even").